I am away from my little corgi Trystan right now, as I could not bring him out of the country with me for vacation.  How many of us miss our dogs when we are at work or out of town?  According to author Rupert Sheldrake, there are overlapping morphic fields between us and our pets that contribute to our sense of connection with each other.  A morphic field is like an energy bubble surrounding you, or your animal, and when you are connected, a portion of the two bubbles overlap.  When you are sitting on the sofa and your cat jumps up to join, purring at your side, of course you can feel her presence.  But as the distance between you and your pet widens, the connection is still there as the morphic fields stretch between you.  At a time when you are missing your pet, just take a few minutes to close your eyes, slow your breathing, and imagine your pet or horse quietly next to you.  Get a very clear picture in your mind of the details of your pet’s face, fur, posture, and expression until you feel as though you could reach out and feel him under your hand.  Cross both hands over your heart and do a TTouch heart heart, a circle and a quarter over your heart, as you feel love and gratitude for your animal.  After a few deep breaths, open your eyes.  You will notice that your have felt your pet’s presence for a moment and deepened the connection between you and your pet.

You can use this technique whenever you want to feel a connection with your pet, even if he is sitting right next to you!