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A beautiful video by about one of Comet’s most memorable jobs as a Therapy Dog.

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In this recording from TEDxEasthamptonWomen on Nov. 2, 2017 sally presents a talk entitled Dances of the Heart – Connecting with Animals.
Conversations with a Corgi, Sally Morgan’s daily discussion of topics related to enriching your connection with your pets and their general health. Youtube videos uploaded weekly, live daily on Facebook
Trailer for “Herd” an award winning documentary film shot in Canada shot in June 2016 about Equinisity retreats. Sally participated in the film; share the journey with these majestic, healing, horses. For more information about the movie please visit the official site
At the 2017 EQUUS Film Festival, Wayne Williams interviews Sally Morgan, Author of Dances of the Heart.

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Sally contributed to the “20 Things You Must Do When Moving Across Country with Your Dog” & “How to Move Cross-Country with Cats” blog articles By: Deb Hipp. You can read the articles by clicking the images or you can find them on


Sally contributed to “The Health Benefits of Pets for Older Adults” article by Ronnie Gordon written for

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Sally explains how she ended up in a career not related to her degree in this interesting article by Zippia


Sally guest hosts Naturally Healthy Pets on Dreamvisions 7 network once a month with Sally’s Segment.

Radio interview with Dr Judy Morgan recorded 6/25/2017

Sally joins her sister the acclaimed veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan for this interview about Sally’s work.

Want to Get in TTouch™ With Your Pet?

by Dr Judy Morgan's Naturally Healthy Pets | Sep 2, 2017

Linda Tellington-Jones, the creator of TTouch, is interviewed by Sally’s sister holistic veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan in this must hear interview!

Dr. Bernie Siegel interviews Sally in this radio episode of Mind Health Matters for Dreamvisions 7 Network

Does your dog watch TV? In this interview sally discusses dog TV watching with Prospector on Rock 107, North East PA.

Sally Morgan - March 10, 2020

by Energy Matters with Caroline Ruderman

Sally’s Interview with Caroline Ruderman about Craniosacral Thereapy for Pets on Valley Free Radio’s Energy Matters

Sally Morgan - October 16, 2020

by Energy Matters With Caroline Ruderman

Sally’s second interview with Caroline Ruderman about Craniosacral Thereapy for Pets on Valley Free Radio’s Energy Matters