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What is Holistic Physical Therapy?

The unique combination of the many treatments/modalities of Sally’s work makes true wholeness possible for you and your pets.

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Sally’s practice includes work with people and all kinds of animals using the techniques of Craniosacral Therapy, TTouch, reiki, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, Sacral Occipital therapy, Vibrational healing, and other manual therapy techniques. She travels extensively and is available for clinics, lectures, demonstrations, or private work with animals or people.

Dances of the Heart

Sally Morgan describes the depth of her relationships with the many animals who have shared her life. Learning to listen to animals with an open heart and through keen observation, Sally explores the limitless potential of the animal-human bond. An Amazon #1 Bestseller recommended by animal visionaries including: Linda Tellington-Jones, Dr. Bernie Seigel and Penelope Smith!