Emotion Code

The EMOTION CODE is a simple yet powerful method to find and release trapped energies. At times, negative emotions are not completely processed and become “trapped” within the physical body. Negative emotions you have experienced, even from long ago, can create problems in subtle, yet damaging ways.

Trapped emotions can cause you to overreact, misinterpret the behavior of others, and even create anxiety, depression, and

decreased immune function and compromised function in organs and the body. Releasing trapped emotions can help you overcome past obstacles and enhance personal relationships and health. Releasing trapped emotions can bring a feeling of lightness as you release emotional baggage.

Each trapped emotion resides in a specific place in the body, usually in tissue that is out of balance, and vibrates at its own frequency.

This is similar to the idea of an energy cyst in craniosacral and osteopathic work. When you have a trapped emotion, due to the phenomenon of resonance, it will

attract more of that emotion into your life, and you will feel that emotion more readily. These are some of the reasons why it is so important to release trapped emotions from the body.

As emotional beings, animals can also have trapped emotions. Trapped emotions in animals can result from interactions with humans and other animals, stressful events and trauma. When they release trapped emotions, the effect is often immediate and profound.

Heart walls are trapped emotions creating a barrier or shield around the heart, making it difficult for love to get in or out of the heart. Hidden heart walls are more difficult to find. Releasing a heart wall is often followed by deepened connections to other people and animals. It may take some time to readjust once a heart wall is removed completely, which usually requires several sessions of Emotion Code work.

The extent of health is directly related to how balanced the energy field is.
Because of their ability to effect energy, in Emotion Code work, magnets are used along the Governing Meridian to release trapped emotions. Magnets also magnify the intention to release the emotion. Trapped emotions are identified with muscle testing, and the work can be done long distance. You may be a bit emotionally up and down after trapped emotions are released.

Trapped emotions are released permanently and do not return.