Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal life force.” This life force, when activated, brings the receiver into better harmony by accelerating the body’s natural healing abilities.  The body wishes to be well, and only manifests illness or pain as a result of energy congestion or imbalance.

Reiki is a natural way of working with energy that anyone can learn. Reiki energy stimulates harmony of the mind, body, spirit and emotions to produce the opportunity for joyful and balanced wellness. Reiki is thought to be the way the Buddha healed, and it has it origins in Japan. Reiki treatment is noninvasive, non-manipulative, safe and gentle. The practitioner gently lays her hands on areas of the body to correspond to the seven primary chakras or energy points. (Eight chakra points are used with animals.) Universal life force energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to the receiver’s body, and the energy is used to restore, heal, balance, and harmonize the body.