Tellington TTouch Method (TTEAM & TTouch)


“Listening to the animals is what I would like people to learn with our work.” Linda Tellington- Jones

Internationally known and respected teacher and trainer, Linda Tellington-Jones developed the Tellington TTOUCH Method, a revolutionary way of training horses based on her study with Moshe Feldenkrais and the concept of non-habitual movement to reorganize the nervous system. Linda realized that pain and tension in the horse’s body could cause resistances and training challenges that could be altered dramatically in a short time using ground exercises, bodywork, and riding/leading with awareness. Because Tellington Training and the bodywork TTouch, affect the animal’s nervous system and engage the brain in a particular way, the fight/flight response can be overcome and animals THINK instead of REACT.

The TTouches are Linda’s bodywork and include circles, lifts, and slides. Although TTouch may look like massage, it works on a deep level to release fear and tension, and activate the regenerative potential and cellular intelligence of the body. TTouch is a new way to communicate with your animal, and can deepen the bond between you and your animal.  Linda’s work has developed to include training and bodywork for all animals, and her newest work focuses on bringing TTouch to human healthcare.

Sally Morgan brings over three decades of expertise to her work in TTEAM and TTouch.  She has successfully worked with owners starting young horses, re-training older and rescued horses, improving performance in the show ring or on the trail, and enhancing the connection between horse and rider.  She has helped rescued dogs find security and understanding with new owners, assisted in recovery from surgery with ground exercises and bodywork, and presents many seminars about TTouch for companion animals and for people. Sally has trained extensively with Linda Tellington-Jones and has assisted her at over 30 clinics and demonstrations nationwide, including at the Equine Affaire.