Yoga & Hoop Dance


“Yoga” means union, and that is what so many of us seek to find with the animals in our lives. Yoga practice can enhance flexibility of the body and mind, and add immeasurable richness to life experiences.

Sally Morgan brings her background as a physical therapist and certified Craniosacral therapist and instructor to her yoga teaching. Her classes offer people the opportunity to explore and heal their minds and bodies as one. Certified through Phoenix Rising, well known for their Yoga Therapy programs, Sally’s approach emphasizes “receiving” yoga rather than “doing” yoga.

Sally’s practice in Vinyassa yoga, with flowing postures moving smoothly into one another is also a strong influence in her classes. With Lynn Kingston,  Sally studied Yin yoga, where postures are maintained for several minutes, allowing for deep fascial changes in the body, and this tradition is also evident in Sally’s classes. Sally’s intentions in teaching yoga are to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation, and to provide a sense of peace and grounding during classes.

Sally also brings her unique background to yoga classes tailored specifically to meet the needs of riders in each discipline. She teaches classes for dogs and their people to experience yoga together as well.


The circle is universally symbolic of the cycles of the moon, the sun, the passing of years, days and hours.  There is no beginning and no end; nothing is lost or gained (as in the laws of physics).  Walking the circle of a labyrinth brings a meditative state.  The chakras of the body move in circular patterns.  The circle is the basis of TTouch bodywork techniques.  The power of the circle can also be accessed through dancing with a hula hoop.

Hoop dance, dancing within the circle of the hula hoop, draws us inward and expands us outward. Hula hooping can bring a new body awareness and grounding to riders and dog owners, which can create a new ease in human/animal communication. People feel more balanced once they experience hooping, and enhanced balance positively affects relationships between people and animals.

As a hoop dancer, Sally’s background in the healing arts inspires her teaching of the basics of hooping. Hooping brings lightness and fun to those within and outside of the hoop. Everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or body type can hoop!