Vibrational Healing

Resonance works on the principle that “like” attracts “like.” When a C is played on the piano, all of the other octave strings of C in the piano begin to vibrate. They are in resonance with one another. The aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies also vibrate to frequencies.

Used in healing, the frequencies of the tuning forks affect the frequencies within the body.  Tuning forks can be used to alter the body’s biochemistry.  When forks are placed on bone or connective tissue, they resonate throughout the body in wave-like patterns causing cells to spike nitric oxide.  Rising and falling of this gas as it is made in the cells and released as a gas in surrounding tissues is called “puffing.”  This puffing takes three minutes to rise and three minutes to fall (slower than the 6-12 cycles per minute we find with Craniosacal therapy in the spinal fluid in the dural tube).  When cells are puffing, benefits include:

*enhanced cell vitality

*destruction of bacteria and viruses at a micro level improving immune function

*increased resistance to stress and greater energy levels

*improved mental clarity

*diminished depression

*balance in the autonomic nervous system (as with TTouch and Craniosacral therapy)

*better digestion

Sound enhances the healing effects of other therapies, including reiki, acupressure, Tellington TTouch, Craniosacral therapy, and chiropractic work. The forks can be used in multiples held around the body, or they can be placed directly on the body. By using the forks along the spine, nerve centers can be activated, sending impulses throughout the body to organs, muscles, and joints.

Tuning forks using in healing provide many additional benefits:

*Creating a deep state of relaxation
*Improving mental clarity and function
*Increasing physical energy and concentration
*Relieving stress
*Enhancing massage, acupressure, and meditation
*Bringing the nervous system into balance
*Integrating the right and left brain thought patterns
(especially when used with TTouch)

When an area of the body is injured or in a state of dysfunction, there is a restriction of motion in the tissues in that area. Lack of mobility in the body’s tissues correlates with a loss of optimal health. Restoring motion to areas of restriction, which is enhanced by the vibrations of the tuning forks, helps to restore health and function to the body. Vibrational therapy invites stuck energy to move or vibrate, and over-stimulated energy is drawn into stillness. In time, a human or animal system will find the balance of moving through an entire range fluidly and easily. This ideal balance is the experience of health, as well as expansion, transformation of consciousness, and even transcendence.

Tuning forks can be used in an area of specific injury, to bring energy to acupressure/acupuncture points, or to work with the meridians in the body. When used with the chakras or energy centers of the body, the tuning forks affect the nervous system in different ways by activating specific elemental qualities:

Root C– Survival, Sensory Awareness
Sacral D– Feelings, Emotional Awareness
Solar Plexus E– Intellect, Mental Awareness
Heart F– Love, Security Awareness
Throat G– Communication, Conceptual Awareness
Third Eye A– An Understanding, Intuitive Awareness
Crown B– Enlightenment, Spiritual Awareness

And in animals, the work of Margrit Coates suggests an eighth chakra in the area of the heart and shoulder, where they find their connections to humans.

Used on their own, or in conjunction with other healing modalities, tuning forks can bring your body or your pet’s body into harmonic alignment, enhancing relaxation and a sense of well-being, and achieving ideal balance.