The fall offers crisp days and brilliant sunshine, making it a perfect time to enjoy special walks with your dog.  Trystan and I set out for a fall adventure nearby our house. When you step outside, see which way your dog will take you that day. Trystan wanted to head out to the sunny patches at the end of our street. We passed the chipmunk “condos” in the hillside next to the road, his friend Coco’s house, and the shining waters of the pond reflecting the clear blue sky. And then Trystan stopped, eyes transfixed on the horizon where I saw our usual flock of three turkeys joined by five others, pecking through the seeds in a hay field. See what your dog notices along the way on your walk. Pay attention to what he stops to sniff or look at. Experience the world from her point of view.

Does your dog like the copper, russet and golden fallen leaves as much as Trystan? He loves to scuff through the leaves, enjoying the crunching sound his small feet make, the same sound my much bigger feet make.

Perhaps you will pause on your walk with your dog and enjoy the view.  Trystan relaxed into a corgi “sploot” to admire the trees and wildlife in the woods by our home.

One of my favorite things is to look for animals in the clouds in the sky. When Trystan and I made it back to our house, we looked up to the sky, wondering what shapes we would find.  Trystan said this looks like a rabbit to him.  I think those could also be the flapping ears of a leaping spaniel, like his friends that live at Aunt Judy’s house. We also saw dolphins leaping through waves, and a big heart in the sky. We agreed that after our walk, it was definitely time for a snack.  Take a journey with your dog on an autumn day and see what you can discover together!