The Brazilians have given some shelter dogs a better chance at finding homes by giving

A dog picks up a tennis ball during the Brazil Open tournament in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thursday Feb. 25, 2016. The dog was one of four trained animals that engaged onlookers Thursday night by picking up balls that went out of bounds. Not long ago, the same dogs had run abandoned in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city. The unusual initiative was made to promote the adoption of abandoned street animals. (AP Photo/Leandro Martins)

them jobs.  In San Paolo, four shelter dogs were trained to retrieve tennis balls.  Then they proved their skills by working at regulation exhibition tennis matches retrieving stray balls and returning them to the players.  The dogs did their jobs well, although a few were sometimes reluctant to part with their balls.  No word on whether a dog enhanced tennis ball impacted any match results.  Good advertising for the dogs to find new homes.  Maybe we will see more shelter dogs helping out at the Olympics!

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