Sniff-Its Collar Diffuser – Clear Sailing


A collar sniff-it provides individual access to the benefits of a specific essential oil.

Essential Oil sample included: Clear Sailing

Clear Sailing – designed for an uplifting, yet calming and relaxing result.  Ease from anxiety, dog introductions, calmer natures, benefits during training.

Other Scents:

Transition – assists coping with fear, change, grief, and builds an acceptable new normal.  Joining a new home, losing a human or animal companion, being rescued, undergoing a surgery, leaving a litter, and more can all be considerable transition periods for an animal.

Focus – created specifically to focus attention and motivation towards a certain project or attitude. Great for competition dogs.

Calm-A-Mile – is for any situation where a calm and balanced attitude is desired. Great for travel.  Overall calming, anxiety relief, balancing of emotions, and a grounded feeling can be felt with this beautiful smelling blend.

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Apply oil to sniff-it pillow and attach to collar or harness as close to under the dog’s nose as possible.

This patented device immediately diffuses the oil benefits to the brain on a cellular level.

Sniff-it can be removed at will and should be stored in the special bag in which it is packaged.


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