Recently, I had the great pleasure to do a presentation about TTouch for Old English Sheepdog Rescue. After an

explanation of the history and benefits of TTouch, people had a chance to practice and experience TTouch on each other, including Lying and Clouded Leopard, Abalone, Python Lifts, and Noah’s March.  People commented on any changes they noticed in their bodies.

We then had a quick demonstration with my guest sheepdog, a puppet I have who proved to be a perfect addition to this event.  She was enthusiastic about posing for a hair slide demonstration, and got to meet lots of sheepdogs too!

Next, I did some demos with happy sheepdogs, including some who had hind end issues, and one recoveringfrom ACL surgery.  All of the dogs got to experience TTouch hair slides on their long, silky hair. Everyone enjoyed the practice time doing the TTouches they had learned with the many dogs with us. People had many questions about using wraps to help senior dogs, and which TTouches are especially useful for newly rescued dogs.

Only one dog did not have a docked tail, so we talked about TTouches for the base of the tail, and for the “energetic” tail.  People were eager to hear about Ho’ ‘Oponopono, the Hawaiian prayer that includes the four statements: “I love you,” “Please forgive me,” “I am sorry,” and “thank you.” I explained how this prayer is a useful way to forgive those who docked the dogs’ tails, as well as those

who previously had cared for the rescued dogs and may have been unable to offer them optimal care.

All of the dogs and people had fun at this event, and learned a lot about TTouch. We finished the day with TTouch heart hugs, sending love and appreciation to our beautiful sheepdogs!

(Thanks to Jennifer Tyrrell for her photographs.)