March 23 is National Puppy Day!  Of course, happiness like that could only arrive a few days after the official start of spring.  Just because your dog is not a puppy anymore does not mean that you still can’t celebrate with her.  Take some time to remember when your dog was a puppy.  Flip through some of the old pictures of your dog as a pup.  Reminisce about puppy hood as you smile at the chewed place on the rug or coffee table, or revisit one of your dog’s favorite puppy toys.  You may even see tiny tooth prints from when your dog was much smaller.  Even if you didn’t get your dog as a pup, you can still imagine her as a tiny version of herself, taking a deep breath of gratitude for the happiness you have shared.

You may want to also visit a shelter to celebrate Puppy Day.  Drop off some food, blankets, beds, or even office supplies to help out.  Or perhaps visit with the dogs there.  Even if you can’t go to a shelter, take some time to send “good energy” to a shelter near you by doing a TTouch Heart Hug.  Place your hands over your heart and make a circle and a quarter with a slow breath in and out.  Imagine good homes for all of the dogs there as you visualize the dogs leaving the shelter with their new people.  Or imagine peace and love for the people who work there, as well as the dogs who live there.  Of course, if it’s the right time, you may want to adopt a shelter dog.

Perhaps the very best way to celebrate National Puppy Day is to just spend time with your dog.  Take a walk, try some new yummy treats or make a special meal with real food ingredients, or spend some extra time playing with your dog, or sitting quietly with him.   After all, every moment we spend with our beloved pets is worth celebrating!