July 14, 2016 has been deemed National Hot Dog day, and for those in dog circles, that means dachshund time!  Hot Dog Day is celebrated in cities and towns nationwide with hot dog eating contests, weenie roasts, and parades with visits from the Oscar Meyer mobile.  In Washington D.C. there is an Annual Hot Dog Lunch on Capitol Hill where more than 1,000 members of Congress and others gather for a hot dog picnic, featuring traditional hot dog carts.  In Brooklyn, New York there is the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.  And in Philadelphia, the entire month of July features a Hot Dog Crawl, Hot Dog Safari, and cook offs, including free hot dog lunches for kids and veterans.  Boston also sponsors a Hot Dog Safari with an all-you-can-eat supply of hot dogs, sausages, and ice cream.  Other events at Hot Dog Fests include carving contests and hot dog decorating contests.

For dachshund lovers, West Virginia and other states include activities such as the Wiener Dog Races and owner-dog look alike contests.  In Texas and California, there are renowned Wiener Dog Races held annually.   And for all dog lovers, consider adding some hot dog pet activities to your town’s festivities.  Trystan participated in a hot dog snorkeling contest at the Philly Corgi Picnic, where dogs had to dip their noses underwater in deep pans and eat hot dog pieces–first dog with an empty pan wins!  Other dog events I’ve been to include a class where a hot dog is left enticingly in front of the dog and he has to wait for a signal to eat it.  The longest wait wins–and of course, all of the dogs get to eat their hot dogs!  Or dogs can race each other to the end of a long track and eat a hot dog placed there–first hot dog eaten and that dog is a winner.  I’ve also done a race with bits of hot dog placed along the track and the dogs have to eat all of the bits and be the first over the finish line.  And dogs dressed as hot dogs are always popular on Hot Dog Day!

You can even invite some dog friends over and do a version of Hot Dog Day at your house, with hot dogs for dinner for the people attending.  Hot Dog Day is not just for dachshund lovers, as basset hound and corgi aficionados as long dog lovers also get into the action.  And of course, all dogs love hot dogs!  Be sure to get healthy all meat hot dogs for your party–we don’t want to have post Hot Dog Day tummy trouble.  Top off your celebration of hot dogs with TTouch heart hugs with your dog to give thanks for the delicious treat of hot dogs!