Sometimes when I am away from my beloved dog, I find companionship with some of the earth’s other creatures.  Here in St Lucia, we have been getting morning visits from a small bird, who was first arriving to devour big patches out of the tops of the banana bunch on the counter.  After that, he nibbled 0n the mangoes.  When all was gone, he decided to peck at the bits of grapefruit and ginger jam left on the plate from my morning toast.  I wait for the little guy each morning, making sure to leave a bite for him, just as I save a bite of toast for Trystan corgi each morning at home.  The bird flies in, surveys the counter for choice bits, perches on the grate over the front door to wish us a cordial thank you and good morning, and then he goes about the business of being a bird in this lovely, lush climate.  Thank you, little bird, for brightening our day each morning and reminding us that nature’s creatures are always close by.