The WORLD OF PETS EXPO is nearly here! This is one of the largest pet expos in the country, with something to offer for every pet lover. I will be there with my sister, Dr. Judy Morgan, a holistic veterinarian. We are both doing several talks over the weekend. I will be doing an introduction to Small Animal Craniosacral Therapy on Saturday. Learn about the history and miracles this type of bodywork can provide for you and your pets. I am the developer of this work and this is great opportunity for you to learn about Craniosacral Therapy.

Later on Saturday, I am doing a Tellington TTouch workshop. You are welcome to bring your pet, all types welcome, to my TTouch workshop. You can sign up an pay ahead on the payment page of my website, or see me at the expo ($50 for two hour workshop). We will be learning about TTouches to improve your pet’s health, influence behavior, and support senior animals. I will work with the needs of the animals there, and if you can make it but can’t bring your pet, we will have some extra animal volunteers for you to work with. This will be a lot of fun, with something for people who love rabbits, dogs, cats and other pets.

On Sunday morning, I will be speaking about Connecting With Animals, based on information from my new book, DANCES OF THE HEART–CONNECTING WITH ANIMALS. I will show you practical ways to improve your connection to and relationship with the animals in your life.

My corgi Trystan will be there too for some demonstrations. This workshop will verify what you already know about the connection you experience with your pet with information from current research too.

Trystan and I look forward to meeting you at the WORLD OF PETS EXPO at the Timonium fairgrounds in MD. Look for my booth Holistic Physical Therapy for Pets and People.