April 29, 2016 is Arbor Day.  Celebrate trees with your dog today! Across the country, people will be planting trees to commemorate Arbor Day.  The Arbor Day Foundation will even mail ten free trees for you to plant in your yard.  They sent me an envelope of sticks two years ago, and my tiny lilacs are leafy and doing well, still about a foot high.  The others I planted in the woody border around my property and all are growing happily.  Arbor Day has its roots as a holiday in a Spanish village in 1594, and in the USA in 1872 when a million trees were planted in Nebraska.  It became a worldwide celebration in 1883 when Birdsey Northrup of Connecticut popularized Arbor Day on his visit to Japan. Today, countries recognize Arbor Day on different days throughout the year, but the sentiment of tree appreciation is the same around the world.

Enjoy Arbor Day with your pet today.  As you walk with your dog or your horse, silently thank the trees for all they have given us–clean air, wood for building, roots to support the earth, maple syrup, nuts, homes for squirrels and birds, shelter from the elements, and the beauty of their presence.  Notice how many things in your home come from trees.  And of course if you can, plant a tree.  Many people plant trees or shrubs in memory of beloved pets.  Trystan and I will take some time to enjoy the trees in our hammock, supported by two hemlock trees, as we admire the variety of trees surrounding our yard.  Do a TTouch Heart Hug, making a circle and a quarter over your heart with your crossed hands, as you thank the trees for their many gifts to you and your pets.  Send love to the trees around the world!