Trystan and I look forward each year to attending a series of “fun” dog shows in our area.  The first annually is to benefit volunteers in our local schools.  I have a table to introduce attendees to TTouch and Craniosacral therapy for pets, and I have my sister, Dr. Judy Morgan’s books available, to answer people’s questions about food therapy for dogs and cats.  Trystan, being very cute, has the honor of greeting guests at our table.

The highlight of the day for us is “the best dressed dog” class.  Since he was a tiny puppy appearing in a onesy with my other corgi Comet, dressed as a grandmother, pushing Trystan in a buggy, the costume class has been a favorite event for me and Trystan.  He has been a fairy steed (which is, after all, part of the corgi legend), a girl at the beach in a sunhat and sundress in a wagon of sand and shells (with Comet in a hat too), a kid in baseball clothes with a corgi-sized bat and glove, and a skunk complete with a fragrance of essential oils.  This year, he wore a butterfly costume, and the wings flapped in rhythm as he trotted around the ring.

Adults and kids alike have fun at this show, with prizes awarded for all participants.  This year, the dogs were friendly with each other and no one had any indoor accidents.  Everyone was having a great time in the relaxed atmosphere, munching hot dogs and popcorn or cupcakes provided by school parents.  Early arrivals could practice on the agility course, and an artist painted puppy faces on children.

At corgi shows, they measure with a ruler who has the biggest ears, or who is the shortest or tallest, and other shows have contests for best smile, best singing voice, best fetcher, best hair, dog/human look alike, or musical chairs with pairs of dogs and people vying to stand inside of a hula hoop.  Consider putting together a fun show in your neighborhood.  These “fun” dog shows are a wonderful experience to enrich your bond with your dog!