Today is Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday!  She has favored corgis since she was a child and was given a corgi puppy as a gift from King Georgy VI.  Young Elizabeth had admired the corgis when she visited the children of the Marquess of Bath.  The Queen has owned more than 30 corgis over the years of her reign. In fact, corgis have been favored by the British Royal Family for more than seventy years.   The Queen’s mother, who also loved corgis, made sure that each dog had a comfortable wicker basket and dish, and was served a proper diet, traditions that continue to this day.  Susan, a beloved corgi, even accompanied the Queen on her honeymoon.   The corgis reside in the Corgi Room in Buckingham Palace.   The Queen also has dachshunds and spaniels, and there have been offspring of corgis and dachshunds breeding. Recently, corgis were an endangered species in England with fewer than 500 remaining, but a renewed interest in them has improved numbers.   Corgis around the world will bark today, proclaiming “Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!”