Friday August 26, 2016 is National Dog Day!  As dog lovers, we know that every day is dog day, but Colleen Paige founded this day as well as National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day and National Cat Day to encourage pet adoption.  This date commemorates Colleen’s family adopting their first dog when she was ten years old.  National Dog Day was established to increase awareness of the many dogs in shelters needing homes.  It is also a time to celebrate the joy that dogs bring to our lives every day, improving our health, providing companionship and love, and reminding us of our connection to the natural world.  As rescue dogs in Italy work tirelessly helping find people trapped in the rubble following the earthquake, we especially want to honor the significant gifts that dogs bring to our lives.

One aspect of Paige’s work is to strongly discourage purchasing pets from mall stores or puppy mills, and support finding pets at adoption days, shelters, or breed rescue groups.  One way you can help is to look into offering rides to dogs and cats traveling from the southern United States to the mid-Atlantic and northeast to their forever homes, or by volunteering at your local shelter, fostering dogs for breed rescues, or by making donations of money or supplies to shelters in your area, or those in the south desperate for basic items to support their work.  And of course, adopt a shelter dog to bring happiness to your family!  Adoptions on Friday will mean you can celebrate your dog’s anniversary of joining your family on National Dog Day.

National Dog Day is celebrated with worldwide events including internet postings of rescued pets and adoptable dogs, pup parties at doggie day cares and dog supply stores, fundraisers and private parties for dog lovers.  You can also celebrate by spending time with your dog–take a special walk, make some delicious treats for your dog and his friends, or spend some quiet time in nature with your dog.  And TTouch heart hugs for you and your dog will increase your connection–making a circle and quarter with your hands crossed over your heart as you send love, gratitude and appreciation to all dogs for the many gifts they have bestowed on us.  Offer heart hugs sending love and hope to shelter dogs, and those needing rescue, as well as gratitude to the people working so hard to help the many animals in shelters.

And spread the word so everyone can celebrate National Dog Day!