After 7 days apart, Trystan and I have been reunited!  Italian researchers at the University of Padua conducted a study and found that dogs distinguish their owners with visual recognition, rather than with their sense of smell, unless they are visually impaired.  This is surprising since dogs have over 300 million olfactory receptors (we have a scant 6 million) in their noses.  And even though some people may say that dogs have no sense of time, clearly they know when it’s time for dinner, so level of hunger does give them some clue what time it is.  The longer we have been away from our pets, the more happy the reunion.  According to Animal Planet, dogs show greater affection toward their owners when they have been separated for longer periods of time.  And even though you are happy to see your family members too, it is wonderful to take a few minutes to give your dog your full attention when you return.  I love to stroke Trystan’s coat and really send him appreciation and love when I am reunited with him.  Since my return, he is staying close by me, and we have celebrated with extra games of “toss the squeaky,” his favorite recreation.

Even if you have just been away from your dog for a day at work, make sure to let him know how much you love him when you come home.