Pet Essences – Safe Journey


Safe Journey™ for courage to face trailering and traveling. Instills a feeling of safety and security and helps to release attachments to those left behind.


Botanical Animal® Safe Journey™

  • A natural remedy to curb motion sickness in pets while traveling, making the travel experience more enjoyable.
  • Eases hesitation in horses that experience claustrophobia and can be hard to trailer load.
  • For pets that experience anxiety from leaving familiar surroundings, this Flower Essence provides a sense of security.

When pets are in your life, travelling with them is inevitable. Just as people sometimes experience difficulties from traveling like nausea, claustrophobia and not wanting to leave their surroundings, your pet can experiences these feelings too. Botanical Animal® Safe Journey™ soothes these uncomfortable feelings that arise from travel by helping to alleviate the emotional imbalances that contribute to these negative behaviors. For horses that are difficult to load in trailers, to dogs that experience motion sickness, Safe Journey™ strengthens their confidence and reroutes their negativity to an optimistic outlook of the possibilities of new adventures. This Flower Essence will help wrap your pet’s emotions in a blanket of security.


Ingredients: Fagus sylvatica, Matricaria chamomila, Anethum graveolens, Ulmus procera, Mimulus guttatus, Quercus robur, and Juglans regia flower essences, distilled water and distilled vinegar.

Feeding Instructions: Shake bottle well before using. Essences are most effective put directly in mouth, in drinking water, or on a hard treat. Use in your animal’s daily care program (1 to 3 times daily), or use as a training adjunct (1 hour prior). Safe to use during competition Oral: Cats and small animals – 4 to 8 drops per use. Dogs and medium animals – 6 to 10 drops per use. Horses and large animals – 8 to 12 drops per use. Rinse dropper thoroughly if it contacts the mouth. Bowl/Bucket: Double the recommended amount for oral usage. Add directly to animal’s water. Change water daily.